Allamah Askari on the front

allamah askari on the front

Allamah Askari was present with the fighters in the Fakeh front and Haj Imran region during the holy defense. In this article, a visual report is presented along with a memory of Mr. Sayyid Ahmad Askari (son of Allamah).

Sayyid Ahmad’s memory with Allamah Askari on a trip to the Haj Imran front

It was around 1362 (in solar calendar) during the conquest of Haj Imran region. Me and my brother Dr. Sayyid Kazem along with our father Allamah Askari – we two were responsible for protecting him – we went on a trip to Khoy city to the late Ayatollah Najmi, who was the Friday imam of Khoy city at that time.

Before the revolution, Ayatollah Najmi was one of Allamah Askari’s students and had a relationship with him. At that time [i.e. before the revolution], Allamah was the imam of Al-Mahdi Mosque, where Ayatollah Najmi, along with Mr. Hajjat al-Islam Hashim Harisi, collaborated with Allamah himself in this mosque to collect and distribute public donations.

We were there and Ayatollah Najmi said to Allamah: “Do you want us to go to the war front?” Allamah agreed and said: “Yes, we would like it very much.” If it is possible, let’s go to the front line…” Together with Ayatollah Najmi and his protection group, we moved towards the operational area of Haj Imran.

When we entered the area, the operation had been carried out, but a few hours had passed. Those commanders who were there asked Allamah, if possible, to launch some rockets at the Baathist enemy with a mini Katyusha. Allamah agreed and went and stood behind the Mini Katyusha. I remember that the mini Katyusha had a rope the Allamah held the rope.

I was looking, (I also took a few photos of him), and I saw Haj Agha muttering something under his lips. Because I could not hear his voice, I did not know what he was reciting. But the watchman was waiting there and was watching, when he fired the first shot, the watchman announced with the wireless: “It was great. he hit accurately. he hit accurately. If possible, we have one more target; he should hit a second target for us.” They told Allamah again, Allamah recited something again and pulled the rope , and again the watcher said through the wireless: “It was great!” that was perfect! that was perfect! We have another target. If possible, throw for us!” Allamah Askari hit the third target in the same way and again the watcher said: “Very good!”

I asked the person behind the wireless: “Can you let me know where did the three bullets that Allamah Askari throw hit?” He told me: “The first bullet hit the headquarters of that region and the entire headquarters was destroyed. The second one hit the supply road of the entire area and blocked the way for the Iraqi Baath Party army [because the mountainous area and the roads were very narrow] and the third one hit the ammunition depot of that area and exploded.” That is, all the three bullets that Allamah Askari fired were specific and important areas.

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