Allamah Askari in England

Allamah Askari in England

With Allamah Askari in a trip to England

Narrator: Seyyid Ahmad Askari (Allameh Askari’s son)

During my trip to England with Allamah Askari, he needed an important book for his research, which was available in a library in England. We went there with Allamah and several companions and had a meeting with the head of the library. When the head oof library heard the name of Allamah, he asked are you the author of the book “One Hundred and Fifty Fake Sahabi” and “Abdullah bin Saba”? After getting to know Allamah, hegot up from behind the desk and personally went to get the book that Allamah wanted. Allamah Askari, who only needed a few pages of that book, copied it and we finally left the library.

A discussion with a priest of a church in London

In every trip, Allamah Askari examines the lifestyle of the people of that country, their religion, thought and behavior. Therefore, after taking the necessary resources from the library, we went to one of the churches near our residence. And by coincidence, our visit was on Sunday when Christian worship had started.

Allamah Askari stood for a while and watched their worship. Then, at the end of the worship ceremony, he had a meeting with the priest there and had a scientific discussion with him.
Relying on the sources of their own holy books (even mentioning the publication date and year of publication of said sources), he tried to prove the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the 12 successors after him (which are mentioned in those books), although the priest there did not show interest in the outcome of the discussion. Anyways, wherever Allamah Askari went, he would discuss with intellectuals

A visit to the Jewish area of London

A few days later, Allamah Askari in England wanted to visit the Jewish area of ​​London to observe the lifestyle of the Jews. The companions took us with the car to a neighborhood where the residents were Jewish.

When we got out of the car, Allamah was surprised. In that Jewish neighborhood, there was no make-up, no high-heeled shoes, no tight clothes, and their women wore hijab, similar to the hijab of Shias in Najaf. Black robes with veils that completely covered their faces so that no one could even see their faces.

It was very interesting for Allamah that Jews live like this. While walking in that neighborhood, he tried to communicate with the men there to talk with them, but they did not accept anyone but themselves. Therefore, this meeting did not last more than a few minutes and we returned.

A message to Churchill’s grave

After a few days, one of the companions suggested to visit Churchill’s grave. Although Allamah did not have much desire to see his grave, but they went there anyways, Allamah stamped his foot on the grave and said: “Churchill, you came here to destroy Islam and Shi’ism by colonizing England, while we brought Shi’ism.” to England” and now there are several mosques here, our students are propagating Islam and we will continue our work.

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