A message from the Egyptian writer that became Shia to Allamah Askari

egyptian became shia

A message from the Egyptian writer that became Shia to Allamah Askari

Saeed Ayyub and his message to Allamah Askari:

In the name of God

Dear scholar Allamah Askari

May peace and mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

I am writing to Your Eminence, thanking you for opening the path of a serious scientific research, the path in which the seeker of truth often encounters obstacles that makes him (her) sleepless, absent-minded, and dry-hearted.

Sir! I have spent a long life time searching for the truth and knowing the symbols of the sect that lead people to the path of the Praised Almighty, and I have spent a long time in the history books to identify those who carry the torch of guidance.

And unfortunately, I did not find in many of them what is reassured by instinct and what is embraced by the mind and heart.  You found me in front of a crowd of crimes that has been committed less than sixty years after the death of the Messenger (may God bless him and his family).  In front of this crowd, I stood bewildered in front of texts dominated by patching, polishing and amputation.

And throughout my journey with research, I read your books, especially “Ma’alem al-madrasatain”, “Abdullah bin Saba”, “the hadiths of Aisha”, and other books of yours that are excavated in front of the truth seekers to pave the way for them.

And from your books, the truth that I searched for in along a long road of research appeared to me.  And the grace of God upon me was so great, for you found me in a circle in which there is nothing but pure water.  And we have faced various types of tortur[1] because we entered this circle.

However, the torture with burning coals on the skin made us hold the coals even more tightly in our hands, and God is predominant over His command.

Sir! Our worries did not go away after we knew the truth, because we carried on our shoulders the worries of those who are still on their way looking for the truth, for these books are not available for them.

There is no nucleus for them to revolve around in the world of research and thought at a time when many institutions and devices to block the path of God are uniting in order to undermine the innate depth of the nation, and since the work of institutions is matched only by what balances them in strength, we aspire to work in order to put a brick in an edifice. A radiological center where intellectuals gather, present their research and borrow their books.

On top of that, they teach their children the beneficial sciences that achieve the happiness of this world in accordance with the perfection of the Hereafter.

Sir! We know that we burden you with such a request, but we excuse you that you are the father and the teacher on the path of searching for the truth.

And there is nothing more beautiful for a father than to fulfill the needs of his students that are as dear as his children, and we know that you established the College of Fundamentals of Religion in Baghdad to teach beliefs and the sciences of the holy Qur’an.

Likewise, the College of Jurisprudence teaches the jurisprudence of Ahl al-Bayt.  And we hope that you will add to these immortal works the construction of the edifice of intellectuals[2] who will push their children to drink from the bowl of pure water.

And if we were to suggest a place for this building, we would like it to be on a land where spears are not raised in the face of intellectuals, and to be in a place that protects them from being accused of being agents, that is the accusation that is thrown at the heads with unfairness, aggression and obstruction from the way of God. And we believe that this center is more likely to be in Beirut due to its proximity to our country.

May peace and mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

The sender Saeed Ayyub

Writer and Islamic thinker and Printing and publishing manager

In the global office for publishing and distribution

Cairo – Hadaeq Al Qubbah – Jameel Abdul Latif Street / 3

[1] The late Allamah Askari met with me in Syria and told me that after he declared to follow the line of Ahl al-Bayt, he was imprisoned and tortured for two years, and that he had been suffering all his life.

[2] He (may God have mercy on him) asked me verbally to establish the College of Fundamentals of Religion, and I submitted a request to establish it in Beirut and prepared the place and the scientific staff, but I did not succeed, then I tried to do it in Syria and i did not succeed again, and finally, God granted its founding in Qom, Tehran and Dezful, praise be to God.

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