These are not mourning!

These are not mourning!

A good deed is evaluated by two things: first, knowledge; Second, sincerity in action. What is a righteous deed? Righteous deeds are the same commandments that God guided us to for the happiness of mankind in the two worlds through revelation to the prophets, and its perfection was in the Sharia of the Last Prophet, and we cannot do anything other than what God has ordered as a righteous deed, Or invent something ourselves. There is no worship other than what we have been commanded. Those worships that have been ordered should be performed in the way that was ordered.

“Morning prayer is two rak’ahs”. But if we recite more: “Three rak’ahs!”, it becomes invalid. One more prostration [is invalid]. [If] we break our fast ten minutes before the sunset of Ramadan, our fast is invalid. “Ten minutes?”, “Yes, ten minutes.”

What we know about obligations is also the same in mustahabat [like mourning for Imam Hussain (AS)]. Our masters used to quote from the late Ayatollah Haeri, [who said]: If they told us about a certain land, (then they would say cubits, not meters. Now we say meter-)”and we were told to go100 meters towards the Qiblah, then go 50 meters to the right and dig that place, [If] you go down 10 meters, you will reach the treasure”, if instead of going 100 meters facing the Qibla, we went 50 meters facing the Qibla, then 100 meters to the right… they say: “It’s not possible!” “10 meters?!” “Does not differ!”

As we have been instructed, we must do what is recommended; And this is the meaning of “Whoever surpasses them is rebellious, and whoever lags behind them is misguided.” We should take our actions from the Prophet and the Ahl al-Bayt and imitate them, we should acquire from them.

In this last Sharia, from the Prophet (PBUH) to hujjat ibn Al-Hasan (AS), all of them have mourned for The master of the martyrs (AS). I have written the details in the third volume of my book Ma’alem al-Madrasatain. All of them have read calamity, they have cried. Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) did not smile the ten days of Ashura. We also should mourn, gather together, hold a meeting, read calamity. And just by that we will be rewarded by God.

The assembly in which Ahl al-Bayt (AS) are mentioned sends light to the heavens. Like the stars for us, Angels request to come and participate to these assemblies. but there is a condition, If a lie is recited [in these meetings] (mourning of lies), it has no reward, it is also a sin, it darkens the heart, it has bad effects, it has ominous effects.

This action of ours must be with knowledge first. What does knowledge mean? That is, we want to know why the master of martyrs imam hussain (AS) did this uprising? What effects did it have? then Sincerity in action.

These poems they sing! The lies they say… Which worship?…

I have said it many times and I will say it again: one of the famous lie is Sakinah’s marriage of Qasim. Sakinah, before coming to Karbala, was married to her cousin Abd Allah ibn Al Hasan, who was older than Qasim. So, what is the effect of these actions and these words being said in the mourning’s? What thawab (reward) does it have? It’s really impolite and wrong! These are not righteous deeds at all, whether they are sincere or not. These are sins. lying about an Imam not a sin?! It is a sin. It makes the heart dark. It brings misfortune.

Our subject was about righteous deeds. People have sinned in The name of imam Hussain the master of martyrs (AS) so much only God knows, [is there] one good thing left that the imams did not do and we should do it?! A mustahab thing? something that will bring us closer to God and the imams have not done it? (could it be?!) What kind of worship is it to rub the face on the dirt, rub yourself on the ground [and] go to the shrine of imam Reza (AS)?! Who did you get theisorder from?! [or] hit their head with a knife… where in that is a righteous deed?

I was on this Umrah trip, there was a doctor his name was Mahdi, he was 50 years in America and he converts people to Islam and brings them to Umrah and Hajj… [this year too] he brought them. He used to say that those who become Muslims When they say “I testify that there is no god but Allah and I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of God”, their tears flow with sincerity. He said: “One day of Ashura, they saw Pakistanis hitting their heads and chests, they came and asked: What is this?” I said that they are practicing how to fight the enemy. Then he mentioned that: There are movies where they hit their heads with knifes and it had very bad effects on people. This is ignorance, this is not mourning!

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